University of Louisville North Endzone Expansion

Louisville, KY

Ben Hur has been contracted by Coreslab Structures to install 410 pieces of Stadia precast. The project covers a wide variety of precast piece types including columns, rakers, wall panels, spandrels, single risers, double risers, double T’s, load bearing wall spandrels, flat slabs, and stairs. Ben Hur is using and MLC300 crawler crane with the VPC Maxer and 497,000 pounds of counterweight. The crane is placed on 80 crane mats installed on the playing surface in the North end zone. This crane was needed in order to erect the 2 largest load bearing wall panels in the top limits of the upper concourse. Each of the 2 panels weigh 72,360 pounds, are 86’ long and installed with a vertical rise of 27’ from end to end. The pick radius is 140’ at 116’ in elevation. The project also consists of 4 stair areas that present their own rigging challenges. Stair stringers weighing in excess of 15,000 pounds are manipulated into position by use of a 90 ton RT and 3 ton chain fall transfers. In most cases every stringer has to be transferred twice by the chainfalls.