Industrial Construction

Ben Hur Industrial Constructors, LLC (BHIC) is part of the Ben Hur Group of Companies and is proud to be a Union Contractor. Ben Hur Construction was formed in 1909 as a steel erector located in St. Louis, MO. We are a top performing steel erector (fifth largest in the US) with two major St. Louis based fabrication shops with a fabrication shop output of 55,000 tons per year. We also offer design build general construction services and high end client finishes. In 2013, Stupp Brothers acquired stake in Ben Hur and at that time the fabrication shop size increased to 400,000 square feet.

BHIC was formed in 2011 as a general millwright company serving the Automobile Industry and Lambert Airport inclusive of Boeing’s airport facility where we are the fulltime maintenance contractor. In March of 2014, we expanded our business model and now self-perform the following union disciplines:

  • Boilermaker
  • Ironworker
  • Pipefitters
  • Millwrights
  • Carpenters
  • Laborers
  • Operating Engineers

We typically subcontract out insulation and lagging, asbestos and lead abatement, painting etc.

BHIC is managed by a wealth of experienced power plant leaders. This leadership has built coal, gas and wood fired power generating facilities, modified and maintained power plants, installed scrubbers, precipitators, DCS, control systems and performed major outage related work.

BHIC can supply experienced top line project management to you, based on the projects requirement. Although we do not have a back room full of these people, we do have a very strong following of seasoned professionals we bring in on an as needed basis. These folks are on an annual retainer which keeps them available and their priorities to BHIC.

BHIC Management Experience:

  • President and COO – 40 years in industry
  • Operations Manager – 35 years in industry
  • Quality Controls Manager – 35 years in welding industry
  • Scheduling Manager – 25 years in Project Controls
  • Chief Estimator – 28 years as an Estimator
  • Project Management – over 100+ years of industry experience
  • Safety Management – 3 Safety Professionals on staff
  • Superintendents – 6 full-time with more than 20 years each of individual experience.

BHIC also has 14 individual superintendents on paid retainers.

BHIC will perform work under various pricing formats including EP&C, E&C, P&C as well as firm price, fee based, time and material and other cost options. We are prepared to place fee at risk, set goals and measure ourselves and add “skin in the game”.

The senior management has strong ties with Union Leadership at the International and Local levels and holds positions on many committees and industry associations. These ties are for a purpose, which is to help promote safety, quality, productivity and market ourselves in our industry sectors.

Our Chairman and CEO is a past President of the National Erectors Association and sits on the NMA Policy Committee. He is also active with General Presidents and is Co-Chair of Impact. Our President sits on the NACBE Board of Directors and supports other trust funds for the boilermakers. At BHIC we believe that the Owner and Building Trades are our Partner, and as such, we have a business to run which needs our absolute involvement.

At BHIC our mission is not simple. Each hour and every day we commit ourselves to be the top performer in every category. We pride and measure ourselves on what we accomplish on any given day, for any client or project. We make decisions that alter our path and reputation continuously. As in Safety, we use Take Two and allow ourselves time to do the right thing for all parties and concerns.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our client so they look to us not just as a resource, but as a partner.”

We welcome the opportunity to either partner with you or enter into typical contracts but always with an emphasis to serve you well.